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Merge makes DeFi great again

Merge Finance is dedicated to improve the DeFi field by creating a new and safer solutions

Starry Sky

Features that MRG brings to you

Merge is a truly deflationary, Double-reward yield farm protocol with various features designed to bring high APRs


We provide High APR without minting which leads to inflation of the token’s value

NFT collection

Hold our NFT and boost your earnings. By staking MRG NFTs you can achieve higher APRs

Double Staking Reward

Stake your MRG token and receive WBTC and USDT. The protocol provides the reward from transaction  and unstaking fees

Anti-Whale protocol

One wallet can hold a maximum of 2 % of the Total supply

Merge Finance's working method

Income Streams:


Our protocol creates reward from transfer, sell/buy fees that automatically goes to the reward pool.


Merge has an early unstake penalty (unstake before less than 1 week) that is 10% which also generate

additional income for our stakers.


In addition our NFT collection has a built in 5% selling fee which further increases revenues



January 2023

  •  Project development

  •  Partnership negotiation

  •  Community building

February 2023

  • Release MRG staking system

  • Launch NFT collection

  • Start referral system

March - May 2023

  • Release NFT boosted staking 

  • Launch yield-farm

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